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Specialist Treatment

S.T.A.R Therapy offers a range of specialist treatment services for men who have convictions for sexual offences or those who are struggling to manage inappropriate sexual thoughts.  

Behavior Modification

Behaviour Modification (BM) is a one to one treatment programme for offenders who acknowledge current or recent offence related thoughts or arousal and for those who have a sexual preference for children, preferring sex to include violence or humiliation or other offence related sexual interests.  Recommended for offenders assessed as medium, high or very high by Thornton’s Risk Matrix 2000 BM helps you to:


  • Develop healthy sexual interests.

  • Reduce offence related sexual interest.

  • Manage the triggers for offence related interest.

  • Develop attitudes that support a healthy sexual interest.

  • Challenge beliefs that support offending.

  • Behaviour modification techniques include ammonia aversion and masturbatory reconditioning.



For more information please email: [email protected]


If you would like to talk to someone in person please telephone Mobile: 077104 68 372









Intellectually Disabled Sex Offenders

We provide Primary and Secondary Treatment specially designed to meet the needs of offenders with intellectual disabilities.  By exploring 'Old Me Behaviour and Thinking' you will have opportunity to develop  awareness of offending behaviour and challenge attitudes, beliefs and distorted thinking.  Practicing 'New Me Skills' will help you to:

  • Develop coping strategies

  • Manage risk

  • Increase motivation not to offend

  • Build support networks

  • Lead a Better Life



We also facilitate Treatment for deaf offenders.  Our experience has involved the instigation, development and delivery of Prison Service Deaf Sex Offender Treatment Programmes, which is the only group programme for deaf offenders. Our therapists, signers and Interpreters have experience of working in deaf sex offender groups.  Treatment can be delivered in a small group or on a two to one basis.



Deaf Sex Offenders

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